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Skiing around Landamannalaugar

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6 days / 5 nights 1249 Euros per person

photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar
Title: Skiing around Landamannalaugar

Length : 6 days / 5 nights
1249 Euros per person

There´s no need to go far to experience the thrill of an expedition to the North, travelling to Iceland in winter is enough! Cross-country skiing in the Icelandic highlands during winter offers a guaranteed change of scenery and the feeling of being on another planet. Especially if the elements are enraged! With this Iceland travel, we offer you to journey between ice and fire as you traverse through the various mountains at Landmanalaugar which is one of Iceland´s most active geothermal regions. At night, supreme luxury waits, when compared to the surroundings, you’re safe in a warm mountain hut and even outside you can enjoy absolute comfort in the often severe Icelandic winter by bathing in a cosy geothermal river.
So...are you ready to experience this unique Iceland winter travel?
Iceland trip available during March and April

photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar


- An Iceland trip which includes a wide variety of hiking trails in the mountains of Torfajökull
- A hot water river for bathing in at Landmannalaugar
- When you travel to Iceland in winter, you can be sure huts are very comfortable as they are not busy, sometimes unoccupied at all.
- Backcountry skiing with an experienced guide and complete freedom to follow the lay of the land. Pulka-sleds are used to haul your equipment for easier traveling.
- During this Iceland winter travel, you have great chances of seeing Northern Lights


Duration: 6 days
Time/distance per day: from 4-7 hours/25 km.
Total distance: 120 km approximately.
Altitude: 200 -1100 m.
Maximum ascent: 600 m approximately
Group size: 5 - 15 participants
Accommodation: Mountain hut dormitories
Portage: Pulka sled with your personal belongings, food and group equipment evenly distributed

Friendly Advice:

- Don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of your equipment. Bring protection against potential cold and rain and a quality jacket and shoes... We provide a detailed equipment list before departure of this Iceland trip.
- Train properly before leaving and bring shoes that you are already used to.
- Because of changing and sometimes difficult weather: wind, rain, cold. Be sure to observe the equipment list provided at registration to fully enjoy your Iceland winter trip.
- If you suffer from severe vertigo, a medical condition likely to affect your Iceland travel, or allergies, please let us know ahead of your departure.


We have chosen for this sportive Iceland trip an experienced mountain guide that speaks both French and English.
Although this Iceland travel is open to anyone who is motivated, in excellent physical condition and with previous experience cross-country skiing and even if the weather is good “but especially if it is not”, you'll appreciate the advice and support of your guide!
Active participation is expected from participants for the everyday tasks such as loading and unloading the food and cooking equipment, meal preparation under the direction of the guide, washing up dishes...etc.
Experience: using a Pulka sled is a plus but not essential.

photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar

The accommodation for this Iceland trip is provided in well-kept mountain huts.
They are heated, some even have electricity and hot water, but they remain nevertheless mountain huts with no luxury and little privacy. You will stay in shared rooms with bunks that you may be forced to share. But in this wild environment, especially if there is difficult weather, these mountain huts will seem like four star hotels! Your guides prepare your breakfast and dinners in the mountain huts. With your help of course!
Lunch will be taken in the form of cold picnics on location.

photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar photo Skiing around Landamannalaugar

What's Included:

- English speaking guide for the whole time of your Iceland winter travel.
- Hospitality tax for the nights of the Iceland trip.
- Full board from lunch day 1 to lunch day 6
- Transfers from and to your accommodation in Reykjavík
- 5 nights in mountain huts
- Expedition equipment (Pulkas, food, etc.), but not: skis, ski poles and ski boots. It is possible to rent these items, just let us know.

What's not Included:

- Flights to Iceland and airport taxes.
- Travel insurance.
- Skis, poles, ski boots. (It is possible to rent these items, just let us know)
- Tips and extras (sleeping-bag rental, accommodation in Reykjavík, transfers to and from the airport, excursions and activities from Reykjavík or elsewhere in the country, extensions, etc.). Services are available on request.
- Showers in the mountain huts when available (approximately 3Euros – for five minutes of hot water)
- Personal expenses and beverages all this Iceland trip long.
- Meals in Reykjavik.
- Travel insurance.

Not included but available at extra charge
- Accommodation in Reykjavík.
- Transfers between Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavík .
- Tours and activities from Reykjavík .
- Tailor made Iceland self-drive packages and itineraries
- Ski, boots and poles


14.03 - 19.03.2014: 1249 euros par personne
21.03 - 26.03.2014: 1249 euros par personne
28.03 - 02.04.2014: 1249 euros par personne
04.04 - 09.04.2014: 1249 euros par personne

Private tours and departures are possible depending on the number of people and the availability of accommodation. Just ask for a quote.

View Skiing around Landamannalaugar in a larger map

Day 1: Reykjavík - Hekla Volcano Region - Landmannalaugar
No time to lose to start this Iceland travel! Meet with your guide in Reykjavík and depart on a 4x4 bus to Sigaldathrough the highlands where you will pass along the volcano, Hekla. From Sigalda, you mount your skis and with your sleds behind you, you´ll head into the wild and beautiful Fjallabak nature reserve and the famous Landmannalaugar. Then, a little more than twenty miles through extensive ice and snow, the comfort of your accommodation, not to mention the soothing qualities of Landmannalaugar´s geothermal river awaits. A good introduction of what is waiting for you in this Iceland winter travel!

Day 2: Landmannalaugar exploration
For this second day of Iceland trip, you head out for a day skiing without having to pull your sled. The length of the stage will be primarily dependent on the weather and the condition of the participants. Here is the opportunity to also test your equipment and fitness level ... Many destinations are possible from the hut such as crossing the lava field to reach the Laugahraun and Vondugil fumaroles or along the mountains to reach the mountain, Nordurnamur and Lake Frostastadavatn which is normally frozen-over at this time of year or up the Brandsgil Gorge, a canyon of snow and ice that is not only impressive but strange as well to admire the explosion crater of Ljotipollur.

Day 3: Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker
On this third day of Iceland travel, you strap on your sled to attack the ascent to Hrafntinnusker, passing columns of white steam as you traverse through deep snow. Experience the wonder of these surprising emanations of geothermal heat as they contrast against the great expanse of snow. Arriving late in the day at the Hrafntinnusker hut, you are at an elevation of more than 1000 meters and in another world.

Day 4: Hrafntinnusker
Are you ready to live great sensations in this Iceland travel? Today, you leave your sled at the hut and go for a great day of skiing on the plateau. You roller coaster in the gullies of Jökultungur with its many hot springs and small reservoirs of turquoise water that produce steam and enough heat to expose the multi-coloured rhyolite beneath creating astonishing splashes of colour in this otherwise white landscape . On the horizon you can see the ice caps of the glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjökull. If luck allows, discover ice caves created by the earth´s vapours as they escape their fiery domain. Unique phenomena to discover in this Iceland winter trip!

Day 5: Hrafntinnusker – Landmannahellir
With your sled, you make your descent through the "Valley of Smoke” Reykjadalur. This will be the last opportunity to observe sulphur springs and the warm pools of turquoise. Then it's one of the moments of bravery of your Iceland trip: fording the Markarfljot River. En route, enjoy magnificent panoramas with each seemingly more beautiful than the other as you traverse through beautiful valleys until you reach the mountain hut at Landmannahellir.

Day 6: Landmannahellir – Sigalda – Reykjavik
As all good things, your Iceland travel has its end. It´s now time to return to Sigalda. Frozen lakes mark your route where you make your way through the windswept valleys giving you impression of traveling in the far north. At Sigalda, you´ll find your transportation waiting to take you back to Reykjavik through Iceland´s

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