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Your Cottage in Iceland

Renting a Cottage in Iceland

Cottage Rental Iceland

Spend a week in a cottage that Icelanders have built for their week-end breaks or to rent out. There are many on Iceland's southern coast. They are always in spectacular locations far removed from the city. A cottage makes a great home base for exploring Iceland at your own pace behind the wheel of your own rental car.

All are fully equipped and some even have Jacuzzis and saunas! You can rent them year round; essentially on a weekly basis from Sunday to Sunday, however outside of the high season; some are available for shorter periods of time; from Sunday through Thursday or Thursday through Sunday for example. They start at 600 euros (850 dollars) a week in low season for a 4 person cottage. 35 euros (50 dollars) per person for laundry.

Contact us with your specifications so we can find a cottage to match your tastes and budget.

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Examples of cottages that can be rented

Examples Cottages 1 Examples Cottages 2 Examples Cottages 3 Examples Cottages 4 Examples Cottages 5 Examples Cottages 6 Examples Cottages 7 Examples Cottages 8 Examples Cottages 9 Examples Cottages 10

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