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Escape to Greenland

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From 3 to 8 days Quote on request

photo Escape to Greenland
Title: Escape to Greenland

Length : From 3 to 8 days
Quote on request

Since you will already be in Iceland, it would be a shame not to also visit nearby Greenland! An hours flight away from Kulusuk, Then its a short ride to Tasiilaq, the most important city on Greenland's eastern coast, with nearly 2000 inhabitants. It is located on the island of Ammassalik, in the fjord to which it owes its name. Surrounded by high mountains, and nestled in the crevice of the Ammassalik fjord, Tasiilaq enjoys surprisingly clement weather. No need to be a rugged backpacker, the city has a comfortable hotel and even chalets for rent. Not far from the Arctic Circle, Tasiilaq is the ideal point of entry for a first discovery of the Great North.
Now all you have left to do is reserve a few excursions out of Tasiilaq!
This trip is available from February to October

photo Escape to Greenland photo Escape to Greenland


- Greenland is surprisingly accessible, only one hour from Reykjavik by airplane.
- A wide array of on site activities from breezy hikes to winter sports year round.
- A choice of accommodation which is rear for Greenland: hotel, guesthouse or chalet


Day One : flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk. Transfer from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq. Transfer by different modes of transportation based on the season, but generally by boat.
Day 2 to 7 (or whatever the length of your stay): stay in Tasiilaq and partake in pre-reserved excursions and activities.
Last day: transfer to Ammassalik by boat then Ammassalik-Kulusuk transfer by helicopter and finally flight back to Reykjavik from Kulusuk.

photo Escape to Greenland photo Escape to Greenland

If you are travelling with friends or family, as long as you are staying for a couple of days, you can rent a chalet. There is no restoration service but there is a kitchen space where you can prepare meals. These chalets are generally very conveniently located, but the city centre is never very far in Tasiilaq...

The Ammassalik hotel is in a fantastic location, looming over the city and the fjord. It is one of Greenland's most distinguished establishments and offers all the modern comforts that you would expect. It houses an excellent restaurant with a great view! Satellite TV and Wifi in all the rooms.

photo Escape to Greenland photo Escape to Greenland

What's Included:

- Flight
- Airport transfers
- Accommodation
- Hotel breakfast
- A travel folder full of useful information

What's not Included:

- Lunch and dinners
- Breakfasts in chalets
- Excursions and activities


In a chalet
Quote on request

In the Ammassalik hotel
Quote on request

Final price based on the number of people, duration of your stay, flight availibility and the season

View Escape to the Great North: Greenland Stay in a larger map

In winter or summer, there’s lots to do in Greenland: hiking, sea kayaking, boating, fishing, helicopter rides, dogsledding…

Hiking around Tasiilaq
There are a number of hiking trails close to the hotel. There are many shorter day hikes, but we can also reserve longer more challenging hikes of you wish. These will bring you to the peaks that overlook the bay and offer spectacular views of the ice floes.

Dog-sledding Excursion
In winter, you must experience Greenland's traditional mode of transportation. Less noisy and more picturesque than snowmobiles this is the authentic way to get to know Greenland! Spend the day on one, or even several days. On the way, you'll see ice fishermen and seal hunters and spend your nights in isolated establishments where you can meet the Inuits!

Snowmobile excursion
If you’re a speed demon and you want to cover more distance, a snowmobile is the better option. Accompanied by a guide, the Great North will send shivers down your spine!

Boat tour
Boat tours will have you navigating between the icebergs on eastern Greenland’s polar current. Clients often see seals and whales. You can also admire the glaciers jutting into the sea periodically discarding icebergs of all shapes and sizes.

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