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Meet our local team!

Icelander, French, Canadian, Dutch, New Zealander... advisers, guides, accountants or information technology specialists...Our team comes from many different backgrounds but is united by the fact that they have all fallen in love with this land of ice.

Discover the Iceland like a local team:

Our team in Iceland

He's the boss. But he hates titles. A true dreamer with a touch of naïveté that exasperated his teachers and parents growing up, he's the kind of guy that Iceland attracts. No one knows why. It worked out well in the end though as he's made himself at home here over the past 20 years. His favourite spot? Watching a gaggle of wild geese take off on a crisp September morning in the deserts of the Fjallabak region. His favourite meal? At the moment it's fish and chips with aioli from the Solon Islandus. Not very refined but it gets the job done.

Ex : Landmannalaugar Winter Retreat


Her tranquil demeanour hides a colossal efficiency. Not surprising for someone who comes from the fjords of the North-West where you learn from a young age that things go more smoothly when you take your time. She has mastered the art of trip tailoring. Need some information, ring her up! Her favourite spot? The fjords of the North-West of course! Her favourite meal? She wouldn't even tell us!!

Ex : Spring Self Drive in Iceland


The company's token web and English language specialist. He owns an enormous 4WD and escapes on it for weeks on end during the summer. Maybe your luggage and equipment will be privileged passengers in it as well if you go for a trek with him? In the summer he resides in the untouched wilderness of the central highlands. His favourite spot? His 4WD but not just anywhere, preferably in the Fjallabak nature reserve! His favourite meal? He's so crazy about his car no one would be surprised if he were to confection some liquorice flavoured candy shaped like it!

Ex : Iceland Super Jeep Tour


Just so you know, not all exiles are forced. Having spent a few years here, Matthew headed over to Canada for a bit, but ended up coming right back to Iceland. Why, you ask: too many pesky trees in Canada getting in the way of the horizon! A guide with a strong penchant for trekking, ask him anything, he'll have an answer! You find that our brochures are beautifully presented, and thoroughly thought out? Well, we owe it all to him. His favourite spot? Langisjór and Sveinsstindur. His favourite meal? Pretty much anything, as long as it's dripping with cream.

Ex : Volcano and glacier discovery trekking


Obba, always easier to pronounce than Thorbjörg Rannveig Hákonardóttir, her real name. Well nearly, as it's actually pronounced Opa. Hers is the delicate task of managing our reservations. Her favourite spot? The island of Flatey on a clear night in May filled with the calls of the gallinago snipe. An absolute must. Her favourite meal? Duck confit with a side of caramelized apples, sadly difficult to come across in Iceland.

Ex : Escape to Greenland


Stefania wears a smile on her face no matter what. If only everyone could be as pleasant as her, life would be so much easier. Need to make a reservation, figure out transportation transfers, put together an a la carte itinerary? Her answers to these issues are those of a true Icelander. Her favourite spot? A cosy chalet in the countryside, with a couple of friends, and most importantly a hot spring, no matter the season. Her favourite meal? A rich barbeque in the same chalet, with the same friends and the same hot spring.

Ex : Romantic Road Trip in Iceland


Hassan Boutarhroucht (feel free to just stick with Hassan to keep things simple). He's an expert when it comes to logistics. Tall as a Dutchman and skinny as an Eritrean with a definite Moroccan appearance, he's of a playful nature, so beware of his pranks or you'll leave Iceland thinking the Hallgrímskirkja church is the Reykjavík mosque. His favourite spot? A deserted lake to do the odd bit of fishing. His favourite meal? A Moroccan tajine made with Icelander lamb.

Ex : Jokulsarlon day tour


As if he had four arms and four legs: Edwin does it all; guide, chauffeur, mecanic, and of course organizer of adventure and incentive holidays. His favourite spot? Rasmussen once said "give me dogs, give me a sled..." Edwin says: "give me a Super Jeep, give me a pair of skis and Iceland is my favourite place in the world"! His favourite meal? We never miss a chance to ask him to bring us back some mussels from a neighbouring fjord...

Ex : Trekking on your own in Iceland


Trent came to Iceland for love and found it twice as he quickly fell in love with the landscapes of Iceland. It reminds him a lot of New Zealand as there are bits of his native island all across Iceland. Even though a few places in Iceland stand out from others, no matter how many times you go back to a place, it feels different every time. Fjallabak, Langisjór, Snaefellsnes and Southern Iceland are a few of the places he will never get sick of. Favourite food?... his mother's-in-law "Lambalaeri" (leg of lamb)! So Icelandic...

Ex : Self Drive around Iceland

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