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Iceland South Coast travel express

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5 days / 4 nights. From 775 to 1400 Euros per person

photo Iceland South Coast travel express
Title: Iceland South Coast travel express

Length : 5 days / 4 nights.
From 775 to 1400 Euros per person

This south Iceland express self-drive holiday will help you to discover all that a South Iceland self drive has to offer including the less known spots that will allow you to truly experience your road trip in Iceland to the maximum! Iceland´s famous Golden Circle and the towering volcanic glaciers of Eyjafjallajokull, and Katla await, as well as the volcanoes of Fimmvordurhals and Hekla. Feel the power of the majestic waterfalls at Gullfoss, Haifoss, Seljalandsfoss and skogarfoss. Enjoy bathing in the silky warm waters of the Blue Lagoon and don´t miss the geothermal Reykjanes peninsula both of which are a must during your Iceland self drive adventure. This Iceland road trip offers a perfect insight to the wonders of Iceland in just five days and allows you the time to really enjoy this Iceland self drive at the perfect pace.

This Iceland trip is available all year round

photo Iceland South Coast travel express photo Iceland South Coast travel express


- This Iceland trip can be undertaken year round in a saloon car (sedan) even though 4WD is highly recommended in the winter.
- This Iceland self-drive will make you discover Iceland’s most beautiful waterfalls.
- An itinerary that includes the glacial volcanoes of Eyjaflallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.
- Golden Circle visit, one the most famous Iceland natural site.


Day 1: Keflavik – Reykjanes – Selfoss. Approx. 150 km, 4h
Day 2: The South Coast. (aprox. 150 km, 4h)
Day 3: The Thorsardalur Valley. (Approx. 219 km, 2h)
Day 4: Golden Circle, Reykjavik. (Approx. 163 km, 4h)
Day 5: Reykjavik, Keflkavik (approx. 50km)

Friendly Advice:

- Take this Iceland road trip in May or June to take advantage of permanent daylight and nature coming out of hibernation. This is also the best time for watching sea birds, and escaping the craziness of high tourist season.
- In September this Iceland travel is also nice thanks to the autumn light, the mountain roads still being open, the possibility of seeing northern lights and, again, the tranquillity of off season travel.
- If you are on a small budget do not pick July or August for this Iceland self-drive. If you do, stay in hostels, mountain huts or campsites during your trip.

photo Iceland South Coast travel express photo Iceland South Coast travel express

In hotels, guesthouses, farmhouses, mountain huts or campsites…
Accommodation is an important matter for your Iceland travel to be perfect! With this itinerary you have many various and very different accommodation choices, as different as accommodation gets in Iceland in any case! The vast majority of Icelandic establishments are modest, but clean and comfortable. Most of the guesthouses, farmhouses and hotels offer catering. Meanwhile, keep in mind that we cannot guarantee specific accommodation before booking; however, your accommodation will fall under whichever category of establishment you choose. We recommend that your book your Iceland self-drive as soon as possible in order to have to the most choice when it comes to the establishment itself and the type of accommodation you stay in.
There is also a camping option. With our voucher system, you’ll be able to camp when and where you want, giving you as much freedom as you want to adapt your itinerary based on the weather as well as your own location choices. This option is easy on your wallet, but cannot be undertaken outside of the summer months (from June to September). Remember that we will provide you with all the necessary equipment (tent, mattress, kitchen kits and coolers).

For people staying in mountain huts or in hostels, we also provide kitchen kits and coolers.
For travellers staying in mountain huts, hostels or camp sites, sleeping bags will be available on location if ordered before your departure.

photo Iceland South Coast travel express photo Iceland South Coast travel express

What's Included:

- Transfer back and forth between your accommodation in Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport if needed.
- One night in Reykjavik in a guesthouse with a double room and breakfast included in this Iceland self-drive.
- Three nights in the countryside in private or shared rooms or a campsite depending on the option you choose.
- Breakfast is included in guesthouses, farmhouses and country hotels.
- A folder, specific to your Iceland travel, full of road maps, and a detailed day by day road book full of tips and advice
- Rental of a two or four wheel drive vehicle for 4 days, unlimited distance, 24% VAT, CDW insurance and second driver.
- For camping, hostel and mountain hut options: a hotplate for two, kitchen utensils, a cooler, a thermos, and a dish kit.
- For the camping option a tent for two and one camping mattress per person.

What's not Included:

- Your international flight to Iceland
- Meals, drinks and personal expenses.
- Breakfasts in hostels, mountain huts and campsites..
- Super CDW insurance and gravel protection including liability.
- A sleeping bag available on location to be ordered ahead of time.



In guesthouses, farmhouses or countryside hotels, year long
- In a room with a private bathroom: from 850 to 1400 Euros
- In a room with a shared bathroom: from 775 to 1100 Euros

In mountain huts, or hostels from May to September
- In dorms or shared rooms in the countryside: from 825 to 950 Euros

Camping, from June to August
-With equipment provided: from 650 to 750 Euros

4WD vehicle supplement (category FG): from 220 to 550 Euros per vehicle

Final price varies depending on the number of people, the season and the category of vehicle.

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Day 1: Keflavik – Reykjanes – Selfoss. Approx. 150 km, 3h
Rental car pick up. This Iceland self-drive begins with Reykjanes peninsula where you can find the famous Blue Lagoon! On the Reykjanes peninsula you encounter lunar-like landscapes and savage rocky coastlines formed histories many volcanic eruptions. Iceland's geothermal wonders are displayed here in many manifestastions such as at Krýsuvík where cauldrons of bubbling mud and steam contrast against the barren lava fields as well as the silky turquoise waters at the geothermal delight; The Blue Lagoon.
Staying overnight in the Selfoss area.
Option: If you have an early morning arrival, you have the possibility to enjoy whale watching in Reykjavik, or the Blue Lagoon (not included).

Day 2: The South Coast. (aprox. 150 km, 4h)
Time to discover Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjökull in this Iceland road trip! Depart taking national road number one that follows the southern coast. Marvel at the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers and the abundant waterfalls that cascade from them as you drive the coastal road that seperates them from the bird cliffs, farmland and back beaches of volcanic sand which lay in thier shadow. Stop at the waterfalls; Seljalandsfoss and also at Skogar, where you'll be able to visit its charming little folk museum. Yes, an Iceland travel can also include cultural visits!
Staying overnight in the Vik region.

Day 3: The Thorsardalur Valley. (approx. 219 km, 2h)
The third day of your Iceland self-drive is devoted to The Thorsardalur Valley. Hjalparfoss waterfall, the reconstructed Viking farm at Thjodveldisbaer and the Gjain gorge await you in this valley of walkways. Continue through the valley of the Thjorsa River by ending at Haifoss. Observe the Hekla volcano from close range as you walk and drive through lands that are both fertile and desolate at the same time.
Staying overnight in the Fludir region.

Day 4: Golden Circle, Reykjavik. (aprox. 163 km, 4h)
Are you ready for a Golden Circle travel? We hope so because it’s scheduled for today! Discovery of Iceland’s famous Golden Circle: The Strokkur geyser at Geysir (the place which originally gave the phenomenon its name) and the Gullfoss waterfall where the Hvita river has created an impressive canyon. A Short drive to Laugarvatn and its steam bath spa followed pehaps by a dip in the lake’s chilly waters! Hike in and around the Thingvellir National Park to observe the effects of the oceanic rift and the location of the oldest parliament in the world. The Golden circle trip will be one the most memorable sections of your Iceland road trip !
Staying overnight in Reykjavik.

Day 5: Reykjavik, Keflkavik (approx. 50 km)
This is the last day of your Iceland self-drive. Return your rental car at Keflavik International Airport for your flight home.
Option: If your departure is in the afternoon or the evening, there is a possibility to visit the Blue Lagoon (not included)

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