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Native Iceland Self Drive

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10 days / 9 nights From 1375 to 2650 Euros per person

photo Native Iceland Self Drive
Title: Native Iceland Self Drive

Length : 10 days / 9 nights
From 1375 to 2650 Euros per person

Discover the parts of Iceland we love. This journey takes you to mountains, glaciers, rustic huts and almost forgotten trails allowing you to experience camping the way we do. This is the Iceland with hot springs and hikes deep into the majestic wilderness. It is the adventure for those who want to discover it truly and at a natural pace. Instead of rushing to fit everything in, you will discover the beautiful and secret places of a magical country that will leave you grateful that you took the time to “actually see.” In short, it’s the Icelander’s Iceland, the one where we go for the weekend or for holidays with our family and friends during the months of our short summer. Depending on the duration of your trip, we will prepare an itinerary taking you to quiet, remote and native locations, where amazement and the simple pleasure of life in the wild will be met on every bend.
Possible from July to mid September

photo Native Iceland Self Drive photo Native Iceland Self Drive


- Only possible with a 4X4 and only during the summer.
- The nights spent either camping with all equipment provided or in huts or in a 4X4 camper.
- Optional nights in guesthouses possible for more comfort, but only for a few nights.
- Maps and hike descriptions are provided to discover the most of each location.
- Depending on the time you have available, you can discover some of the most stunning places in Iceland, as well as being some of the lesser known. (Thakgil, Langisjór, Landmannahellir, Hagavatn…) And some of the sites that are a little bit more famous but not too much just yet (Laki, Eldgjá, Hekla, Kerlingafjöll, Hveravellir…) and finally the must-not-miss sites (Landmannalaugar, Skaftafell, Jökulsárlón, Golden Circle etc.)
- For those choosing camping or the 4X4 camper, giving total freedom once you are in Iceland: We provide everything you need and you are free to change your itinerary depending on weather, your desires and the pace that suits you best!


Day 1: Keflavik – Reykjavík. 50 km. 1hr.
Day 2: Reykjavík – South Coast – Thakgil. 220km, approx. 3-4hrs
Day 3: Thakgil – Skaftafell. 160 km approx. 3hrs
Day 4: Skaftafell –Jökulsárlón – Skaftafell.120 km, approx. 2hrs
Day 5: Skaftafell – Laki. 150 km, approx. 4hrs
Day 6: Laki – Eldgjá. 120 km, approx. 3hrs
Day 7: Eldgjá – Langisjór – Landmannalaugar. 80km, approx. 3hrs
Day 8: Landmannalaugar – Landmannahellir – Mt. Hekla. 80km, approx. 2hrs
Day 9: Mt. Hekla –Thjórsárdalur Valley – Golden Circle – Reykjavík. 250km, approx. 4-5hrs
Day 10: Reykjavik - Keflavik. 50km, approx. 1 hr

Friendly Advice:

- In Iceland as with most other countries, it’s hard to see everything and “fit it all in” Sometimes it’s better to take your time and discover some of the key parts of the country better.
- For a first discovery of Iceland or a short holiday, we recommend starting with the south of Iceland.
- The longer your trip, the more regions you will be able to visit, without changing the main goal of the trip, a unique discovery of Iceland.
- If you are on a strict budget, you may prefer camping or traveling after the 15th of August to take advantage of better prices.
- To have the most freedom, prefer camping or 4X4 campers.
- If you want a 4X4 camper or nights in huts, book early!
- This trip is best for couples, families or friends who love hiking, nature and the wilderness. This is for those who enjoy the feeling of being alone on the earth and who don’t mind switching hotels and guesthouses for a more rustic lifestyle.

photo Native Iceland Self Drive photo Native Iceland Self Drive

On this trip, we highly recommend that you spend your nights either in huts or camping. It is also possible to alternate between the two options. Most accommodation is rustic but there is of course, running water and other facilities at most sites. Hot showers are available at some locations but there is always a charge for usage. It is possible however, for one or two nights only, to choose accommodation in guesthouse or youth hostel.

Accommodation is provided in well-kept mountain huts. They are heated, some even have electricity and hot water, but they remain nevertheless mountain huts with no luxury and little privacy. You will stay in shared rooms with bunks that you may have to share. But in this wild environment, especially if there is difficult weather, these mountain huts will seem like four star hotels! All huts have kitchen facilities. Attention: It is necessary to book early to insure that you have a guaranteed place in the huts. In the case that there is no more availability, we will replace it with camping, or a guesthouse if available.

Camping (with tents or 4X4 camper):
With our voucher system, you’ll be able to camp when and where you want, giving you as much freedom as you want to adapt your itinerary based on the weather as well as your desired locations but cannot be undertaken outside of the summer months (from June to September). Remember that we will provide you with all the necessary equipment (tent, mattress, kitchen kits and coolers).
For people staying in mountain huts or in hostels, we also provide kitchen kits and coolers.
For travellers staying in mountain huts, hostels or camp sites, sleeping bags will be available on location if ordered before your departure.

photo Native Iceland Self Drive photo Native Iceland Self Drive

What's Included:

- 2 nights in guesthouse in Reykjavík, in double occupancy room without private facilities, breakfast included.
- Other nights in the country in huts or camping depending on the desired service.
- Travel documentation including road maps, a detailed day-by-day road-book and travel tips.
- A 4X4 rental car, unlimited mileage, 24% VAT, CDW insurance, second driver fee and pick up, drop off at the airport included.
- Material: 1 stove for 2 persons, kitchen equipment, one cooler, 1 thermos bottle for 2 people, washing up equipment.
- If you choose camping: 1 tent for 2 persons and 1 mattress per person.
- If you choose 4X4 camper: Tent and mattresses if needed.
- Meeting with one of our agents in Reykjavík at the start of your trip (1hr).

What's not Included:

- International flight to Iceland, airport taxes and travel insurance.
- Travel insurance
- Meals, drinks and other personal expenses.
- Gas for the car rental.
- Access to visited sites and museums, unless mentioned otherwise.
- “Super CDW and gravel protection insurance”. This further lowers your self-risk on the rental vehicle. (SCDW)
- Sleeping bags, if not requested before the trip.

Not included but available for an extra fee
- Sleeping bag rental.
- Food for part or the whole trip (except in Reykjavík).
- Optional excursions and activities from Reykjavík or elsewhere in the country.
- Extensions or any tailored made options.



Camping, from mid-June to August
10 days/9 nights – 2 participants: from 1375 to 1800 Euros/pers. depending on the season
10 days/9 nights – 4 participants: from 1050 to 1400 Euros/pers. depending on the season

In huts and youth hostels
10 days/9 nights – 2 participants: from 1775 to 2200 Euros/pers. depending on the season
10 days/9 nights – 4 participants: from 1350 to 1650 Euros/pers. depending on the season

By 4X4 camper
10 days/9 nights – 2 participants: from 1750 to 2650 Euros/pers. depending on the season
10 days/9 nights – 4 participants: from 1000 to 1450 Euros/pers. depending on the season

Final price depending on the number of persons, the season and the vehicle category

View Native Iceland Self-Drive in a larger map

Day 1: Keflavik – Reykjavík. 50 km. 1hr
Arrival at Keflavík international airport. Rental car pick up at the airport and depart for Reykjavík. On the way, if you had an early flight, discover the volcanic peninsula of Reykjanes or stop by the Blue Lagoon. The first evening spent at your leisure in the northernmost capital in the world.
Staying overnight in Reykjavík
N.B.: When arriving in Reykjavík or the following day before heading off to the countryside, meet with an agent of Iceland like a Local (1hr). It is not mandatory but highly recommended so we can discuss your trip and provide some last minute advise.

Day 2: Reykjavík – South Coast – Thakgil. 220km, approx. 3-4hrs
Depart for the south coast. On the way, your first hike is possible in the valley of Reykjadalur near Hveragerði and the chance to take a hot bath in the natural hot river. In the Vík area, discover the marvels lying at the feet of the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull glaciers. Black sand beaches and bird cliffs on the ocean-side of the road and on the other side, innumerable waterfalls crash from cliff tops and glacial tongues drift down from the mountains higher up. Stop at the Skogar waterfall and visit its rustic museum. If you are in a 4X4 vehicle, drive down to the black Sand beaches of Dyrholaey.
Staying overnight in the Thakgil gorge which is located a short distance from the township of Vík. From here there is a beautiful hiking path that will lead you deeper in the wilderness, with the Mýrdalsjökull glacier on the horizon.

Day 3: Thakgil – Skaftafell. 160 km, approx. 3hrs
You keep going east until the Skaftafell national park. Whole day or half day hikes are possible to discover the Svartifoss waterfall and its beautiful basalt columns, as well as the majestic glacial tongues escaping from the Vatnajökull glacier which is Europe’s biggest. On the way, you can stop by Herjólfshöfði, offering amazing panoramas of the vast black sand beach and the Mýrdalsjökull glacier.
Staying overnight in Skaftafell

Day 4: Skaftafell –Jökulsárlón – Skaftafell.120 km, approx. 2hrs
This day is dedicated to hiking in the Skaftafell National Park. Further east, discover the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon to experience the Greenland-like landscapes and being surrounded by impressive icebergs and seals.
Staying overnight in Skaftafell

Day 5: Skaftafell – Laki. 150 km, approx. 4hrs
Discover the Laki region where the biggest recorded volcanic eruption since the island was populated occurred leaving behind surreal and lunar-like landscapes. The many hiking paths on the way will allow you to discover this area in more detail.
Staying overnight at Blágil in the Laki region

Day 6: Laki – Eldgjá. 120 km, approx. 3hrs
You leave Laki for the main road, before heading back to the highlands again but further west. Your destination: Eldgjá, where a huge explosive fissure has left a scar on the earth, many kilometers long and a few hundred meters wide and at up to 200 meters deep at some points.
Staying overnight at Hólaskjól in Eldgja region

Day 7: Eldgjá – Langisjór – Landmannalaugar. 80km, approx. 3hrs
A detour to Langisjór, which is without doubt one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas in Iceland, is where you’ll discover this lake which is surrounded by mountains and offers many different hiking paths. Through the magnificent Fjallabaksleið track, you cross the colorful Fjallabak nature reserve until you reach Landmannalaugar and its hot river, where you can take a well-deserved soak.
Staying overnight in Landmannalaugar

Day 8: Landmannalaugar – Landmannahellir – Mont Hekla. 80km approx. 2hrs
This day is dedicated to hiking around the Landmannalaugar region which is one of the most renowned sites in Iceland, before heading to the volcano Hekla through the Dómadalsleið mountain road and the fields of Landmannahellir. Getting closer to the volcano, you will see the landscape change to a more lunar atmosphere. The contrast with Landmannalaugar’s colorful mountains will amaze you!
Staying overnight in Hekla area

Day 9: Mt Hekla –Thjórsárdalur valley – Golden Circle – Reykjavík. 250km approx. 4-5hrs
You head back to Reykjavík through the Thjórsá river valley. Iceland has plenty of waterfalls but we kept the best one for the end: Háifoss, and its neighbor Granni, which fall from a height of 122m into a magnificent canyon. It’s now time to discover the Golden Circle’s different sites: Geysir, where the impressive geyser Strokkur erupts every 5 – 10 minutes, the Gullfoss waterfall where the Hvíta River has created a deep canyon and finally, the Thingvellir national park Which is basically the only place in the world where you can observe the impressive system of faults that run along the length of Atlantic oceanic rift.
Staying overnight in Reykjavík

Day 10: Reykjavik - Keflavik. 50km, approx. 1hr
Return your rental car at Keflavík international airport.

15 day itinerary option:
If you have more time. It’s possible to add nights to some of the places in the itinerary or include, for example, the Vestmann Archipelago, Thórsmörk valley (by bus only), the Veiðivötn area, Mælifellsandur area north of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier or Kjölur north of Gullfoss and Geysir (Kerlingarfjöll and Hveravellir).

If you have more than 15 days:
Visit all the above areas and add other regions, or join one of our guided trips.

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