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Visit the Blue Lagoon

Photo of the Blue Lagoon

In the heart of a lava field, dive into the Blue Lagoon's turquoise waters. Year round, the Blue Lagoon is a wonderful place for warm open air bathing since the temperature ranges from 36°C to 39°C (97-102°F)! In the middle of wafts of steam, the décor is surreal. The world geothermal capital is only fifty kilometres away from Reykjavik on the Reykjanes peninsula, and is probably Iceland's most famous site.

A Visit to the Blue Lagoon

Any trip to Iceland is incomplete without an excursion to the Blue Lagoon, a geological marvel unlike any other on Earth! You'll spend an unforgettable afternoon in the most natural spa in the world. During your swim you can take advantage of a dry or humid sauna, or a powerful waterfall that will massage the muscles of avid hikers. Unless you'd prefer a real massage, by the lagoon's world-class personnel.anything is possible during an excursion to the Blue Lagoon!

The lagoon's unique colour and opal reflection stem from the presence of tiny silica crystals and blue green algae. Its geothermal water is slightly salty and renews itself entirely about every 40 hours. Very rich in sulphur, it is an excellent remedy for skin conditions. No bacteria can survive in the Blue Lagoon's environment, rendering disinfectants like chlorine useless. For this reason, the lagoon regularly receives a blue environmental flag. More Information about our Blue Lagoon Excursion: Blue Lagoon Excursion

An Excursion on the Reykjanes Peninsula

About 2 km south of the Blue Lagoon, discover the little port of Grindavik. Permeated by a tranquil atmosphere, the marine horizon takes on a surreal aspect. To the west, along route 425 you'll find the jagged cliffs of Reykjanesta, standing tall in the middle of the surf. The road crosses a barren landscape where clouds of steam spout out at unexpected intervals and unexpected places. Time stops...

Out at sea you can see Eldey Island, the product of a recent and violent underwater volcanic eruption. This wild place is only accessible to a few scientists that go there to study its flora and fauna. Fun Fact: The island is home to the world's largest colony of Northern Gannets.


Only 40 minutes from Reykjavik, getting to the Blue Lagoon is child's play! Board a bus from downtown or drive following route 41 towards Keflavik, then route 43.

More information about our excursions to the Blue Lagoon: Blue Lagoon Day Trip
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