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Your Trip to Landmannalaugar

Photo of Landmannalaugar

Next to the Hekla volcano, in the country's southern central region, discover the wild lands of Landmannalaugar. If you were only going to visit one region in Iceland, this would be the one! Dually moulded by the acidic volcanism and geothermic activity that have made it famous, Landmannalaugar offers a stunning variety of landscapes unlike anywhere else on Earth. Here it is possible to walk amidst rainbow rhyolite mountain peaks, blue crater lakes, deep canyons, high plateaus and deserts. The constantly changing aspect of the terrain makes for otherworldly hiking.

Landmannalaugar Trekking

Calling all nature and hiking lovers! The famous "Laugarvegur" is for you! This north to south crossing of Landmannalaugar, from the central highlands to the ocean shore, has made it a classic among all the Iceland treks. To get to your destination of Skogar (90 km), it will take you about 5 days, but it can be shortened to suit any pace.

From the very first day, the trail introduces trekkers to a volcanic universe full of lava fields, hot water sources, and fumaroles. Entering into the majestic universe of the Torfajokull caldera, a panoply of colours assaults the eye from yellowy oranges to deep reds amidst bursts of greens and blues. Dotted with solfataras, and natural cauldrons of bubbling mud, this area is renowned for the healing properties of its hot water sources. After about 5 hours of walking you'll get to the Hrafntinnusker mountain hut. You're above 1000m in altitude, and in another world!

Crossing a world of sulphur and lava, the itinerary takes you south through the high volcanic plateaus of mount Halfell and the Alfavatn region. We recommend you pack a pair of waterproof shoes because you'll be crossing several rivers in this area. In this setting of cliffs and mountains you reach the "haunted desert" of Emstrur. From here, walking across several rocky expanses, the trail plunges to the bottom of beautiful green gorges and canyons that mark the entrance to the glacial valley of Thorsmork. In the shade of one of Iceland's rare forests, in the middle of a meadow of wildflower, you'll appreciate this little verdant haven after your long journey through Emstrur's arid lands.

After you've taken a break by Thor's forest, keep on south towards Skogar. This is a unique opportunity to walk along Iceland's youngest lands! Between the Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers, you'll be walking on brand new craters and lava fields, products of Eyjafjallajokull's infamous eruption in spring 2010. Finally, you arrive at Skogar, kingdom of rivers and waterfalls. The setting is one of a kind! Read more about our trek from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork: Landmannalaugar Trek

Landmannalaugar Holiday

The Laugarvegur trek is very pleasant from the end of June to the beginning of September. The temperatures are fresh, between 5°C and 12°C (41-54 degrees F) and the landscapes are vibrant and colourful. However, this should not dissuade you from a winter visit! From February to April Landmannalaugar is wonderful as well. With very little tourists, you'll go on incredible hikes by foot, snowshoe, ski, or sled. Landmannalaugar's geothermic phenomena take on even more fascinating manifestations during this season. Every night you'll stay in a warm and welcoming mountain hut, perfect for forgetting the harshness of the Icelandic winter outside. You are at the heart of Iceland, far from everything.

Read more about our trips to Landmannalaugar: Travel to Landmannalaugar

Access and practical information

Before tackling a hike or a trek in Landmannalaugar, you must absolutely look into the weather. The region is known for its unpredictable climate and rough terrain. Because of this, it is always best to stay on the path that is indicated and to make for a mountain hut if the weather looks threatening. In a similar vein, it is important to bring quality equipment and to always pack clothes that will protect you against cold and rain.

Every hike or trek can be accompanied by one of our guides. With great knowledge of the terrain and the region's natural conditions, they are crucial in the winter. All along the way, there are a number of mountain huts in Hrafntinnusker, Reykjafjoll, Alftavatn, Emstrur, Thorsmork and Skogar. If you are camping, this is where you will pitch your tent as camping in the wild is prohibited. Landmannalaugar is180 km east of Reykjavik. To get there, you'll take route1, then, about thirty km after Selfoss, turn onto route 26. After about 50 km you'll get to the Landmannaleid trail that will take you to the mountain range.

You can also get to Landmannalaugar from the north by following the F26 which crosses the central highlands, then turning onto the F208. From the southeast of the country, the 208 is also accessible from route1, about 50 km east of Vik.

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