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Your Trip to Reykjavik

Photo of Reykjavik

Reykjavik owes its name to Ingolfur Arnarson, Iceland's first settler (874). He baptized it Reykjavik, "the bay of smoke", because from the sea, all he could make out were the thick clouds of steam coming from the hot water sources along the coast.

Reykjavik City Tour

Go on a trip through time in Iceland's national museum! From the ninth century to the twenty first, the museum gives visitors a condensed idea of Icelandic history. Travellers who have a passion for legends and myths, or anyone who is just curious must go to the Culture House, which houses original editions of the country's epic sagas. Finally, provided it fits into your schedule, you can soak up the sun in the botanical garden or the zoo across the street (arctic foxes, seals, minks etc).

The Hallgrímskirkja Cathedral is Reykjavik's most famous landmark. Its striking architecture is meant to mimic the basaltic formations that tend to pop up around Icelandic waterfalls. From its tower, you'll have the best view over the harbour and the ocean.

Not far from here, the Tjörnin Lake is a shelter for wild swans, ducks, tufted ducks, and eider ducks...Walk along it and admire the coloured houses until you reach the parliament, a beautiful building of stone and black lava. The peaceful ambiance of the setting will make you forget that you're in the middle of a great European capital! Discover our Reykjavik city tour: Reykjavik City Tour

Walking along the harbour, staring longingly out to sea, don't hesitate: get on a boat! Leave for a 3 hour boat tour to get up close and personal with the dolphins and whales of the Arctic Ocean. From May to Mid-August, you'll see these as well as the puffins that have become symbols of Iceland. At least one trip a day every day from April to October. More Information about our Reykjavik Whale Watching Tour Reykjavik Whale Watching

Reykjavik Excursions

Are you ready for a journey to the centre of the earth? An extraordinary adventure awaits you only 25 minutes away from downtown Reykjavik! Iceland's volcanic activity has created huge lava labyrinths of spectacular colours and shapes only a few meters underground throughout the island. Under the supervision of an expert caving guide, you'll discover (in summer) the Gjabakkahellir cave (between Thingvellir and Laugarvatn). At the foot of the Blue Mountains, the Leidarendi cave is where you can go caving in winter. Accessible to all, these excursions require good walking shoes as well as warm and waterproof clothes. Not recommended for claustrophobics. More Information: Iceland Caving

Northeast of Reykjavik, discover some of Iceland's most famous natural marvels during an excursion to the Golden Circle. From Thingvellir to Gullfoss, through Laugarvatn and Geysir, a volcanic world of faults, geysers and waterfalls awaits your visit! More information: Golden Circle Discovery

About fifty kilometres southwest of Reykjavik, go on an excursion to the Reykjanes peninsula, stopping by the Blue Lagoon, of course! A geological marvel, you'll spend a delectable couple of hours in its turquoise waters (36°C-39°C or 97-1020F)! More information: Excursion to the Blue Lagoon

From Reykjavik, go on an excursion along the southern coast, on the waterfall trail from Seljalandsfoss to Skógafoss. Head to the edge of the Solheimajökull glacial lagoon. This excursion will take you to Vík along the top of the Dyrhólaey cliffs and to Reynishverfi's alien basaltic beach. Access by route 1.

From the end of November until the beginning of May the mountain of Blafjoll is covered in snow. Its ski slopes provide wonderful exhilaration only 30 minutes from Reykjavik!

Access and Practical Information

Keflavik International Airport is located about 50 km southwest of Reykjavik on the Reykjanes peninsula. When you get to the airport, don't forget to purchase for a "Reykjavik welcome card". Very convenient, it gives you free access to a number of museums and thermal baths as well as to all the public buses.
Downtown, there is also the Reykjavikurflugvollur airport, which has flights to domestic destinations as well as the Faroe Islands and Greenland.
To make travelling easier, Iceland has a big circular route, route 1, which goes around the entire island linking the most spectacular sites. Thus, whether you're travelling in bus or car, Reykjavik is an ideal starting point for your trip to Iceland!

More Information about our short break in Reykjavik: Reykjavik Holiday
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