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Our Picks - Iceland's Most Beautiful...

Take a peek at our collection of images of our favourite volcanoes and fjords, the island's most impressive waterfalls, and the roads that take you through all the most spectacular landscapes:

Iceland is a country defined by its geology: with fiery volcanoes, magnificent fjords, beautiful waterfalls, and exciting driving routes that take you through some of the world’s most stunning scenery, the country is top of the to-do list for many travellers. From bathing in a hot spring beneath the Northern Lights to descending into a magma chamber, the natural wonders of Iceland offer unforgettable experiences: our travel guide to the “land of fire and ice” will help you to plan your trip to make sure you get the most out of your visit.

Iceland lies over the Mid Atlantic Ridge and at Þingvellir, the site of the world's oldest parliament, you can see the rift valley that is forming as the North American and Eurasian plates gradually drift apart. Iceland is the most volcanically active region in the world and the country’s volcanoes are varied as they are abundant: the most famous active volcano is Hekla, which last erupted in 2000. Other volcanic features include fumaroles and live lava flows and at Geysir, you can admire the world’s most reliable geyser - it erupts every 4 - 8 minutes.

The country’s volcanic geology has given rise to rugged scenery, with a coastline deeply indented by fjords, glaciers, and some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls. Guided tours are available to take you to the best-known sights but for many adventurous travellers, a self-drive Iceland road trip is a great option: you can take things at your own pace, whether hiking up a glacier, horse riding through majestic scenery, or whale spotting at a remote fjord.

Whether you're planning a winter visit for the best chance of admiring the Northern Lights in all their glory or come to Iceland in the warmer months of the year, when the sun barely sets, check out our travel guides for tips on the country’s most unmissable experiences.