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Your Trip to Vik

Photo of Vik

An Excursion to Vik

At the edge of the ocean, the village of Vik is just east of the cape of Dyrholaey. Not far from here, the imposing silhouette of Myrdalsjokull (the glacier on top of the terrible Katla volcano) dominated the landscape. Around Vik there are a number of hills of tuff including Mount Reynisfjall. Formed by ancient volcanic eruptions, their figures cast surrealist shadows over the landscape.

Vik i Myrdal, "the Bay of the Swamp Valley"

Dominated by the Reynisfjall cliffs, Vik's beach is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. With black sand, and surprising lava reefs along the shore, there's nothing else like it! The needles of Reynisdrangar, "the trolls' boulders", make this location very famous. According to legend, these rocks are in fact two trolls that were trying to sink a ship along the shore when the sun came out and turned them to stone many years ago.

Exploring Vik's Surroundings

- Vik's nature is exuberant and colourful. Its most common plant is garden angelica. A shade loving plant with beautiful fluorescent yellow blossoms, it can grow to be 2m high! Along the coast, the many cliffs are home to thousands of birds, making it a great place to watch puffins, herring gulls and golden plovers in their natural habitats.

- From the tops of the cliffs, the panoramic views of the back sand beaches are breathtaking. Let yourself fall into a daydream while staring out at the sky and ocean, and the seabirds dancing in the wind and waves. Panoramic View of Vik's Beach

- During your stay in Vik, we strongly recommend you take an amphibious vehicle out to sea! Along the coast, you'll discover astonishing basaltic rock formations. When the sea is calm, you'll be able to reach tiny lagoons in the centre of lava islets that are untouched paradises. The tour will then take you under Dyrholaey's famous archway, all the way to its beautiful black sand beaches.

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Hiking around Vik

- Around 30 km west of Vik on route 1, don't miss the Skogafoss waterfall and its famous misty rainbows! Keep heading west for another forty km or so to observe the Seljalandfoss cascade accessible from every angle. We recommend a stop here as it offers a rare occasion to slip behind a waterfall's veil!

- 30 km north of Vik, go off to conquer Myrdalsjokull's fiery terrain. In a landscape of rocks and sky, vast lava fields rein over these barren lands. A wonderful and otherworldly hike!

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