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Top Volcanoes in Iceland


Photo Askja volcano The Askja Volcano is famous for its crater lake, Viti. Its opaque blue waters are rich in minerals and give a surreal look to this legendary volcano.


Photo Hekla volcano Its 1491 metres, were feared for centuries, as it was believed that this volcano hid the gates to hell.


Photo Hrafntinnusker volcano Hrafntinnusker is famous for its collapsed caldera; its name literally means the "black crow reefs".


Photo Oraefajokull volcano A gigantic stratovolcano covered in ice.


Photo Snaefellsjokul volcano This strato volcano is over 700 000 years old, and was the point of departure of Jules Verne's fictional "Journey to the Centre of the Earth".


Photo Herdubreid volcano A solitary volcano that rises out of the barren landscapes of the Odadahraun desert.


Photo Skajaldbreidur volcano Its lava fields formed the famous fissures of Thingvellir National Park.

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