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About our Iceland Travel Agency

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An Atlantic Puffin colony on the cliffs of Grimsey Island, Iceland Like a Local
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About our Iceland Travel Agency

Our local Iceland travel agency is a collection of experts with diverse origins, all familiar with Iceland’s most elusive recesses. Our team is of course comprised of Icelanders, but also of French, Dutch, New Zealander and Moroccan specialists who, at some point in their lives, fell in love with Iceland, this rugged volcanic island of breathtaking landscapes, isolated on the edge of the North Atlantic.

Since its inception in 2000, our Iceland travel agency continues to work on behalf of clients who enjoy travelling freely, all while maintaining the comfort that comes with professional planning.

When you’re committing to something as important to you as a holiday, you must ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible. A huge part of that process is choosing the right people to work with in creating that perfect getaway. At Iceland Like a Local, Iceland travel agency, we’re committed to the belief that our unique blend of local expertise and extensive global experience sets us apart from anyone else. Our focus is sharing our love of Iceland with you to make your travel exceptionnal. We want you to have an authentic, tailored experience which shows you Iceland at its most captivating. We also know that that special holiday feeling comes from a combination of independence, surprise and security. This is the unique expertise we, as an established local operator provide you.

So, when you consider choosing an agency based in Iceland to help create your perfect getaway, think of us as your friendly, local experts who know the right people and can create the right atmosphere for you and your whole family for your entire trip. We have dozens of positive testimonials to share with you, and we hope one day to include your own happy memories on our testimony page too!

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