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How about living some unique moments during your trip?

We all know Iceland like the back of our hand, we can satisfy your thirst for discovery. We have picked up some rare opportunities giving you the chance to live unusual and unique experiences. Sleeping in an ice cave, surf the Artic waves, sleep in a yurt or to watch the midnight sun in Iceland’s closest island to the arctic circle, you will be breath taken!

Looking for something more traditional ? Have a look at our family holiday trips, where kids can admire the magnificent volcanoes, glaciers, whales or swim in hot springs! Talking of these, don’t miss our most relaxing travel theme : hot springs! If you are an active nature lover, even on holiday, our adventure trips with glacier treks, volcano caving and super jeeps tours, will provide you your dose of adrenaline. If you’re traveling to Iceland for your honeymoon or if you’re looking for a unique romantic holiday, our romantic Iceland getaways are for you. Relax in the hot springs, spend a cozy night warming up by the fireplace in your private cottage drinking champagne. Or why not choose to spend it outside gazing in awe at the sumptuous phenomenon of northern lights. Northern Lights ? Really? If you want to witness one of the most beautiful natural phenomenon’s on earth, take a look at our Northern Lights trips where you will be accompanied by an expert guide to optimize your chance of seeing this mythical light show.

Iceland has become a famous destination. Make your trip even more exclusive by adding a unique and unusual activity! Be original and fill it in with authentic encounters, confidential places visits and/or unique experiences!


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