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Iceland Family Holiday

Make Iceland your Family Playground!
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iceland family holiday

Ready to Spend
Family Quality Time?

Iceland is a great place for family fun! Kids will admire its magnificent volcanoes, its glaciers, and the perpetual daylight of its summers… There will always be plenty of things to do in Iceland for them! We offer itineraries where they can swim each day in hot springs or natural rock pools and they are sure to leave Iceland amazed by our display of wild birds, seals and whales. If you’re more of an active family, you have many invigorating itineraries to choose from: hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting, dogsledding and glacier climbing… Wether you’re looking for a calm, relaxing stay or a family adventure in our amazing highlands, you’re sure to spend amazing travel.

When to Travel with your Family in Iceland?

You can go on an Iceland family holiday any time of the year. Why not spend a magical Christmas holiday in Iceland with your family? Indeed, a winter holiday in Iceland doesn’t necessarily mean permanent darkness! Winter is the season of the majestic northern lights and even more spectacular wild panoramas. It’s also the best season for short breaks, and weekend escapes that give you the chance to dive into Reykjavik’s bustling nightlife or into a hot spring surrounded by snow. Not to mention the low prices, which are often lower than the temperatures (not many people know that even in December it’s sometimes warmer in Reykjavik than it is in London). Take advantage of the low tourist season with a family winter trip to Iceland.

Summer, a Beautiful yet Busy Season

Of course if you’d like to come visit us some other time of the year, you’re more than welcome! Do bare in mind that Summer is the high season, so booking your trip at least six months in advance may come in handy. Each season in Iceland comes with bewildering colorful (or snow white!) landscapes. You’re sure to spend some quality time with your family no matter what season, and to capture wonderful pictures!
Get inspired by our Iceland family holiday travels!

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