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Occupation: Local expert
Seniority: 4 years

What gets me going: Waterfalls: as soon as I see one, I have to stop! Paradoxically, their strength and the constant flow of water soothe me... so much violence for a beautiful serenity!

My top places: A ''hotpot'' near the ocean, 15 minutes from my home, between sea and mountain, clouds and birds! Its view on the sea is always different, a real change of scenery!

Why did I choose the travel world? My professional or personal experiences have always made me travel! After working in an office, in the hospitality industry and real estate, when settling in Iceland, working in tourism was obvious to me!



Occupation: Local expert and manager
Seniority: 10 years

What gets me going: The whole central part of the island is the vibrant heart of the country. Traveling these trails in a 4x4 is a real adventure to meet nature and the elements. A waterfall, an oasis of greenery, geological formations are hidden along the trails and it is always magical for me.

My top places: The peninsula of Reykjanes! in the evening, after work, we go there in 30 minutes and we find ourselves in a field of lava in the middle of nowhere or at the edge of the ocean on the cliffs or beside ruins of fishermen's huts.

Why did I choose the travel world? I grew up with a camera and the landscapes of Iceland were the consecration! Accompanying our travelers to make them discover these wonders by traveling responsibly is a pleasure and a responsibility that I assume 100%.



Occupation: Agency manager
Seniority: 33 years

What gets me going: Watching wild goose fly during an Autumn stroll on the rift, a pillow of violets on a sea of black-sand desert, fluorescent moss, a good old snow storm that keeps us from going outside, northern lights, a sun set immediately followed by a sunrise, Autumn colors, living four seasons within a day... And si many other wonders of Iceland!

My top places: Reykjavík is a modern city located at the limit of the oekoumene, "the livable area" of the ancient Greeks. This bewilders me! All you need to do is leave the city and you will feel pure bliss and freedom instantly, anywhere you go.

Why did I choose the travel world? Because traveling is going elsewhere alternately.

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