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Occupation: Local expert
Seniority: 1 year

What gets me going: Summer sunsets in front of the sea? Hot springs in the middle of nowhere? Aurora borealis on the way home in winter evenings? The contrast of the green moss covering the lava fields? Hiking between glaciers and waterfalls ... Each part of Iceland hides a small charm that deserves to be discovered.

My top places: A long weekend in a cottage in winter, surrounded by snowy landscapes. In the program snowshoeing, hot bath and if we are lucky northern light show at night ..

Why did I choose the travel world? I traveled between England to France since I was a child. Finding a job where I can combine languages and sharing my passion for traveling was essential to me. It was during my first stay in Iceland that I realized that the tourism would be my field.



Occupation: Local expert
Seniority: 15 years

What gets me going: I came to Iceland for love and found it twice as I quickly fell in love with the landscapes of Iceland. It reminds me a lot of New Zealand as there are bits of my native island all across Iceland. Even though a few places in Iceland stand out from others, no matter how many times you go back to a place, it feels different every time. Favourite food?... my mother-in-law's "Lambalaeri" (leg of lamb)! So Icelandic...

My top places: Fjallabak, Langisjór, Snaefellsnes and Southern Iceland are a few of the places I will never get sick of.

Why did I choose the travel world? I'm a New Zealander living in Iceland... How could I not love the beauty of natural landscapes and thrive at helping travelers discover Iceland's numerous wonders?



Occupation: Agency manager
Seniority: 30 years

What gets me going: Watching wild goose fly during an Autumn stroll on the rift, a pillow of violets on a sea of black-sand desert, fluorescent moss, a good old snow storm that keeps us from going outside, northern lights, a sun set immediately followed by a sunrise, Autumn colors, living four seasons within a day... And si many other wonders of Iceland!

My top places: Reykjavík is a modern city located at the limit of the oekoumene, "the livable area" of the ancient Greeks. This bewilders me! All you need to do is leave the city and you will feel pure bliss and freedom instantly, anywhere you go.

Why did I choose the travel world? Because traveling is going elsewhere alternately.

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