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Why Choose Iceland Like a Local?
Julien Ratel
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Why choose
Iceland Like a Local?

Here are some of the reasons why choose Iceland Like a Local for your tailor-made trip to Iceland:

#01 LOCAL EXPERTS AT YOUR SERVICE: Iceland is our country! We have personally visited all the charming hotels, farmhouse-inns and other accommodations that we offer you. Because we’ve explored them ourselves, we are just as familiar with the treks and walking trails that we suggest for you. The fact that we reside in Iceland year round endows us with a certain kind of knowledge and provides many unique benefits for you.


#02 A 100% TAILOR-MADE TRIP: You wish to uncover high altitude sites accompanied by an established mountain guide, explore the North-Western fjords by bicycle, spend a few days in a traditional Icelander village, drive through Iceland’s winter tracks on the back of an ATV or even come face to face with the famous Icelander puffins? Thanks to our 100% tailor-made trips, you do what YOU WANT on your holiday!

#03 7-7 AVAILABILITY AND ASSISTANCE: From the moment you set foot in Iceland, you will have a number to call 7 days a week. We are at your disposal whether it is to deal with an unforeseen issue or just to give some advice. Don’t hesitate to call in English as there will be an Anglophone representative at your service!

#04 STRAIGHTFORWARD AND FLEXIBLE PLANNING: Planning a trip online can be overwhelming and tedious. Searching out and comparing the fares of countless travel agencies, European tour operators, on site hotels, and car hire agencies demands a dizzying amount of time. With Iceland Like a Local, your trip begins the second you come into contact with us! We take care of every last detail and are fastidious about meeting all of your expectations…no matter how crazy they may be!

#05 PAYMENT SECURITY: Since the unexpected is always liable to happen, we have worked to put a system in place that guarantees your security and optimizes our reliability. With our new online payment option, you are now able to carry out your payment in complete security with only a few clicks of your mouse.

#06 DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: If you need to hop from one place to another by plane, no need to spend your precious time comparing the various local flights and airlines: we will gladly book you the best domestic flights options here in Iceland – and from Iceland to Greenland too!

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