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Northern Lights Trip Iceland

Gaze in Awe at the Icelandic Sky!
northern lights trip iceland

Northern Lights Trip
Iceland will blow your mind!

On a beautiful night of clear skies in the heart of the Icelandic winter, visitors to Iceland will often have the privilege (and luck!) of being awestruck by one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on earth: Iceland’s Northern Lights. If you with to do a northern lights trip Iceland, then do please take note that winter may be the best time of the year to see some. Why not spend a whole holiday devoted to them, accompanied by an expert guide to optimize your chances of witnessing of this mythical light show? Something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime… What better travel inspiration in Iceland could you wish for than aurora borealis?

An aurora borealis will change your travel to Iceland and become one of the best memories of your northern lights trip Iceland! It’s a magical moment to spend with your lover or your family. Watching northern lights undoubtedly should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Best Conditions for Northern Lights

One should prepare to get the best conditions to watch northern lights. First, choose a setting far from city light pollution. Take your best camera and a tripod. You should also pick a day with as little clouds as possible. Indeed, the weather conditions is of the essence: the sky must be cloudless and the solar activity optimal. If you want to know more about what the best conditions to admire northern lights are, please ask your local expert, he’ll be glad to give you his tips! Specialized websites are also filled with gread advice.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Sky…

The northern lights are a phenomenon more likely to occur during wintertime, when great amount of gas filled with energy particles originated from the Sun during solar storms. Even though aurora borealis may be observed anywhere in Iceland, you’ll be more likely to witness the phenomenon in some regions: Jokulsarlon, Alfanes, Snaefellsnes peninsula… We have plenty of advice to help you prepare the perfect your northen lights trip Iceland.

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