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Don’t have a clear idea of what you would like for your travel in Iceland? Trekking in Landmannalaugar, an excursion to the Blue Lagoon, a week in a charming local hotel in Myvatn, a horseback trip around the mythical Hekla Volcano, a weekend in Greenland, hunting for the Northern Lights in the dead of night, an Icelandic honeymoon, puffin watching…No matter the theme, there are truly things to do in Iceland for everyone!

Perhaps you’ve already made your mind up and know Iceland is the destination for you – but what theme for your travel in Iceland is right for you? Here at Iceland Like a Local, we not only believe that Iceland has something to offer everyone, but we can also boast to having experienced personally all the delights of our home between us. The options below aren’t just popular ideas. They are tried and true activities which made us fall in love with Iceland and, we hope, will make you do so too.

What’s on the menu?

Hot springs

Iceland hot springs – Iceland is famous four its fascinating geothermal activity. Why not indulge yourself in a 100% hot springs tour of Iceland?


If you’re a solo trekker then you have a whole host of ‘getting lost in nature’ options, including transport from horse to jeep, via snowmobiles and planes to Greenland! And we haven’t neglected the best way to see the world, either – there are plenty of hikes to suit every level of experience. Whatever the way you want to adventure Iceland, and wheter you’re going solo or with your friends of family, check out our adventurous things to do in Iceland!


The magical and inspiring beauty which Iceland offers is the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. Whether you’re looking for the perfect spot to pop the question, looking for a getaway or celebrating that special anniversary, you’re sure to expericence a unique travel in romantic Iceland.


And, of course, we cater for families too. Many of the things to do in Iceland we offer are child-friendly for a variety of ages and what better place to teach your little ones about independence and have them develop a sense of adventure! Your Iceland family holiday awaits!

Northern lights

Ready to gaze at the sheer beauty of the magical litten northen sky? Go for a Northern lights trip Iceland!


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