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Travel East Iceland

Discover the great fjords and volcanic landscapes of the East!
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East Iceland
A Land of Fjords and Volcanoes

Visit Iceland’s beautiful Eastern region! East Iceland will bewilder you with is immense volcanic plateaus and great fjords. In Eastern Iceland, you will find beautiful landscapes and charming villages dotted with colourful houses. Explore the immense fjords of this still largely undiscovered region and its volcanic highlands.

As a location that isn’t often visited and is some way from the classic tourist routes, East Iceland has a lot to recommend it. A trip to Eastern Iceland is full of surprises. This region is the oldest in the country and has a very low population density.

The landscape in this region is very wild, and its fjords are the sunniest in the country.
This region has a lot of different aspects to it, but the must-sees are the fjords, Hallormsstaður National Forest and the Hengifoss waterfall.


The great Hallormsstaour National Forest

Hallormsstaður National Forest can be considered the only Icelandic forest worthy of the name. In fact, as this forest occupies more than 2,300 hectares over nearly 18km of lakeside, it is the biggest in the country. You will really enjoy a lovely peaceful stroll along the many trails (one of which is botanical) that run through it.


Eastern Iceland Waterfalls

Eastern Iceland is also home to the Litlanesfoss and Hengifoss waterfalls. The latter is located west of famous Lake Lagarfljót and its legendary sea monster, Lagarfljótsormurinn. At 118 metres high, this waterfall is one of the tallest and most beautiful in the country. It presents a sublime spectacle with successions of red, orange and black strata.


Eastern Iceland Fjords

The fjords of Eastern Iceland are clearly in a class of their own. The fjords are a perfect location for spotting puffins and reindeer. In fact, this is the only region of Iceland where you will see herds of wild reindeer. Eastern Iceland is also the region you want to visit if you would like to see reindeer, take a dip in a reindeer, discover the reindeer and much more besides! Find our suggestions below for trips through the fjords of Eastern Iceland and contact us to find out more and so we can put together exactly the kind of dream trip you are looking for.

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