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Discover our travel guide to Iceland!

Traveling in Iceland requires some organization before and during your trip (transportation, weather, distance, reservation). It is with this in mind that we have built this guide. It can first serve you to choose your destinations but also help you once there in your visits. Each part of the guide will give you tips, tips and tricks for a successful stay in the part of Iceland that you want to visit. This guide is not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask questions that seem important to your trip.

Best time to visit Iceland

Iceland is famous for its bewildering landscapes… and for its fickle weather! But not to worry : we’ve got just the perfect tips for you to choose the best season to come visit us!

Where to go in Iceland?

Iceland is a great island and you may be wondering what places you should put on your must-see bucket list! Here’s a sample our ouf favorite places in Iceland!

Things to Do In Iceland

Are you wondering what you can do during your travel in Iceland? Here’s a couple of great ideas that could help you spend an amazing time in our beautiful Island!

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