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Domestic Flights Iceland

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domestic flights Iceland

Domestic flights Iceland

Because we are a local agency based in Iceland, Iceland like a Local is unable to book your international flights. Meanwhile, if you will be flying within Iceland or to Greenland, we would be happy to book these domestic flights Iceland for you.

What domestic flights Iceland should I take?

Below you will find a list of the primary domestic flights Iceland offered by Air Iceland during the summer. Keep in mind that there are other airlines offering flights within Iceland as well.

Domestic flights Iceland from Reykjavik to Akureyri:
There are many daily flights from Keflavik airport to Akureyri during the summer. For information about winter flights, please contact us.
- Reykjavik – Akureyri : between 5 and 8 flights a day (July/August)

Domestic flights Iceland from Reyjkavik to Greenland:
There are many flights from Keflavik airport to Greenlands major cities during the summer. For information about winter flights, please contact us.
- Reykjavik – Kulusuk: one flight a day, excepting Saturdays
- Reykjavik – Nuuk: 3 flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
- Reykjavik – Ilulissat: 6 flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

Other domestic flights Iceland between Iceland and Neighbouring Regions:
Iceland Air offers flights to many other cities and destinations within Iceland such as Grimsey, Isafjordur, Egilsstadir or even the Faroe Islands.

Personal transfer to and from Reykjavik airport.
Keflavik international airport is about 50 km (30 miles) West of Reykjavik. The Flybus provides transportation between Keflavik and Reykjavik for each flight, but this shuttle only stops at certain hotels.

We can organize personal transfers to and from your accommodations as well as check-in assistance for your flight home. Another option: to stop by the nearby Blue Lagoon on your way in or out of the country, depending on your flight schedule.

Fares per transfer: from 80 to 120 Euros depending on the number of passengers.

The country's other airports (or rather aerodromes) are always close to downtown and provide taxi services.

Finding flights to Iceland.

Iceland Air, Iceland's flag-carrier airline, offers flights between Reykjavik and 31 destinations in Europe and North America:

UK: London, Manchester and Glasgow
Canada: Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax
United States: Washington DC, Orlando, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle and Boston
Continental Europe: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim


Flights to Iceland from London

Flights between London and Rekjavik are three hours long

Iceland Express offers direct flights between Gatwick and Keflavik all year:
- There are 13 flights a week of varying times in summer
- There are seven flights a week of varying times in low season (September-May)

Iceland Air flies to Reykjavik out of both Heathrow and Gatwick and offers many flights a week


Flights to Iceland from Boston

Flights between Boston and Rekjavik are five hours long

Iceland Air offers direct flights between Logan and Keflavik all year:
- There are two flights a day during high season (June-August) departing at 14:35-23:40 and 21:30
- And there is one a day during low season (September-May) departing at 20:35


Flights to Iceland from New York

Flights between New York and Reykjavik are six hours long

During high season (June-August) Iceland Express, KLM, Delta and Iceland Air offer flights.
- KLM and Delta fly out of John F Kennedy airport. Iceland Express flies out of Newark and Iceland Air flies out of both.

During low season (September-May) Iceland Air offers two flights a day
- One out of Newark at 21:35 and one out of JFK at 20:35


Flights to Iceland from Seattle

Flights between Seattle and Reykjavik are 7 hours and 15 minutes long

Iceland Air offers one direct flight a day from Tacoma to Keflavik at 16:30 during high season (June-August).
- There are no flights available during low season


Flights to Iceland from Toronto

Flights between Toronto and Reykjavik are 5 hours and 15 minutes long

Iceland Air offers direct flights from Pearson to Keflavik from May to October.
- There are no direct flights in low season (September-May).


Travel Reservation Websites

There are countless websites to help you compare flight prices. We like Kayak and Bravo Fly which takes into account the cheaper carriers to Iceland.

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