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By choosing our local agency Iceland Like a Local, you will be able to subscribe to our special Travel Insurance Iceland!

A last minute cancellation, lost baggage, etc. So many small unforeseen events that may occur before and during your stay in Iceland. By taking out travel insurance, you can set off on your travels with peace of mind.

Why take out travel insurance Iceland?

When you decide to travel to a distant destination like Iceland, you are above all looking for an escape. You want to enjoy the scenery, discover new places, see something wonderful you don't see every day or just relax... What you don't want to do is to worry!

It would be a shame if something cropped up at the last minute and ruined everything just as you were looking forward to setting off any moment, or if anything dangerous or an accident happened while you were out there. By taking out travel insurance, it means that your trip to Iceland will not be spoilt by the unexpected and you can set off in total peace of mind.

Feel free to use our own travel insurance. You are very welcome to check through the insurance conditions before making your decision.

Assurinco, partners in safety, working for your safety

Because your safety is our main concern, we have set up a partnership with the European insurer Assurinco. This travel insurance gives you comprehensive and effective cover throughout your stay in Iceland.

Whether you go on your own, or there's two of you, or a whole tribe of you, all the people registered for the trip (on the same file) have the same guarantees and level of support service should something unexpected happen.

Do you know what your insurance covers?

What is the point of taking out travel insurance when my credit card already covers me? Yes but, do you really know exactly what your insurance covers you for?

With the fast and free insurance analysis available to you through your customer space, you can find out everything you need to know about your insurance cover.

If you don't opt to register online for travel insurance for your trip, a message will appear giving you the option of using this analysis. Simply entering the name of your bank and the type of credit card you have will show you the various levels of coverage you are entitled to in case of loss, theft, deportation or medical expenses.

How can I subscribe to this insurance?

Would you like to subscribe to our travel insurance? Nothing could be easier! Just go to your customer area; the login details for it will have been sent to you by your advisor when your quote was confirmed.

Using this fully personalised space, you can finalise your registration and make the choice to take out our travel insurance or not before proceeding to pay for your trip. Just so you know, this will cover all the people registered on the same file. In addition, its cost is directly adjusted to the sum total of your trip to Iceland.

See travel insurance Iceland conditions

CORONAVIRUS: Am I covered?

Good news: in view of the current context, we have just negotiated with Assurinco additional coverage guarantees for your travel insurance. We aim high standards in our insurance offer in order to meet the needs of our travellers (around 90% of insurance companies exclude pandemic-related coverage from their guarantees).

To be specific, here are the additional guarantees which are added to the existing guarantees:

  • Refund of accommodation costs if travellers were to be subject to quaranteen at their destination, up to €120 per person per night, up to 14 days.
  • Refund of unused travel services in the event of an interruption of the stay, whether due to a quaranteen, repatriation or hospitalisation due to COVID 19.
  • Refund of on-site medical expenses in the event of hospitalization due to COVID 19.
  • Coverage of cancellation fees for denied boarding, for example following a temperature check or any other criteria related to COVID 19.
  • Coverage of cancellation fees if a traveller is ill with COVID 19 before departure.
  • Refund of telephone fees up to 80 euros in any cases referred to above.
  • Coverage of psychological support in the event of a quaranteen or hospitalisation.

The price of your 100% peace of mind travel insurance, including pandemic coverage, amounts to 4% of the total cost of your trip.

Nota Bene :

If you subscribed to our travel insurance before 13/07/2020, pandemic guarantees are not included in your insurance (unless your expert has specified this). We invite you to contact your travel expert to determine if it is possible to add this additional coverage to your policy.

If you had to postpone your trip and you originally purchased travel insurance, you may, for a small additional charge of 0.5%, add pandemic benefits to your coverage for your postponement trip.
This should allow you to look forward to your trip with peace of mind! :)

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