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With Iceland Like a Local, you can pay your trip Iceland online!

In addition to benefiting from genuine expertise when designing and creating your trip with local expert advisors, payment with us is as easy as with any European agency. This means that, when you purchase your trip through Iceland Like A Local, you won't have to deal with any of the inconveniences of international bank transfers (exchange fees, reliability, delays and changes in the exchange rate). You pay your trip Iceland in euros on a fully secure online platform with your credit card. You can also pay for your trip in instalments.

Pay for your trip to Iceland online in complete security.

Thanks to the Paybox online payment platform, which is internationally recognised for being highly reliable, you save on the bank fees that are generated by the issuance of transfers internationally. You pay the price in euros that is given on your final quote directly via your personal space on our website.
In order to ensure exemplary reliability, the Paybox payment system is also secured by the 3D Secure protocol, which is one of the most reliable in the world. This system makes it possible, among other things, to verify that the credit card used at the time of payment belongs to the genuine credit card owner.

So how does it work in real terms?

Step one, go to your personal space. To log in, you can use the username and password which you will find at the bottom of the email pages that you received from us.
Once you've logged into this secure interface, you can check the terms of sale, your final quote and the insurance contract at any time.

You can also use this space to pay for your trip. To do this, you need your credit card and then you just need to complete the three billing phases (name, date of birth, address, etc.). You will then be able to access the PAYBOX page allowing you to pay for your trip online safely.

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