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Landmannalaugar Winter Retreat

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Your Winter Retreat

6 days / 5 nights

Your Iceland retreat

Does a holiday in Iceland’s isolated mountains in the winter seem crazy to you?
More like wonderful!!! You’ll take snowshoe hikes through the mountains surrounding Landmannalaugar, amidst white landscapes whose volcanic activities are both omnipresent and conspicuous: ancient lava flows, solfataras, fumaroles emitting sulfurous vapours and cauldrons of bubbling mud. With every day, a new extraordinary landscape. At the end of each day you have the perfect way to relax, a soak in a natural hot water spring. At night, your comfortable and heated mountain hut will make you forget the challenges of the Icelandic winter. You are in the heart of Iceland, far from everything. At your disposal is an experienced guide who will open doors to a majestic natural universe barely touched by man.

This trip can be undertaken in March and April.

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Your Iceland retreat itinerary

Day 1

Reykjavík – Landmannalaugar

Date with your guide and set off in a 4WD vehicle for Landmannalaugar through the southern countryside north of the Hekla volcano. At Sigalda you’ll head off the paved road to arrive at Landmannalaugar. You’ll drive 20 km through a snowy and icy expanse where the only mode of transportation is by 4WDs especially modified for the extreme terrain. On the way, your first snowshoe walk from the frozen lake of Ljótipollur to the mountain hut. Arrive by the end of the day and go for the first swim in the hot water spring.

Distance travelled: 180 km about 4h of driving

Night in Landmannalaugar

Day 2 to 5

Snowshoe hikes around Landmannalaugar

Every day you’ll go for a hike. The length of each hike will depend on the weather conditions and the fitness level of the participants. It is also possible to spend a day wandering around closer to the mountain hut and relaxing in its nearby hot spring…

Many hikes are available in the mountain hut’s surrounding area :

– Cross the Laugahraun lava fields to get to the Vondugil fumaroles.

– Climb to the Hrafntinnusker plateau, one of the island’s most active geothermal areas. The sight of turquoise lakes smoking amidst the snow is breathtaking.

– Walk along the Nordurnamur mountains to get to Frostastadavatn’s lake, frozen over in this season.

– Climb the Brandsgil gorge, an impressive canyon of ice and snow.


Nights in Landmannalaugar

Day 6

Landmannalaugar – Reykjavik

Return in your 4WD vehicle to Sigalda where you’ll rejoin the paved road that follows the southern coast back to Reykjavik.

Distance travelled: 180 km about 4h on the road.

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Your accomodation during the Iceland retreat


One of Iceland’s most comfortable and most well-kept, with heating and hot showers. It remains nevertheless a mountain hut with no luxury and little privacy. You will stay in shared rooms with bunks that you may eventually have to share. But in this wild environment, especially if there is difficult weather, the mountain hut will seem like a four star hotel!
Keep in mind that in this season there most likely won’t be many other travellers sharing the hut with you.

Breakfast and dinner is prepared by your guide, as long as you help with dishes and cooking of course! Lunch is taken cold and on location during daily activities.

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Price per person from 1900€


If you are a group of friends or family members, we can privatise a departure date to suit you. Price is then based on the number of participants and departure date depends on availibility in Landmannalaugar mountain hut.

Included in this travel

  • The services of a professional Icelandic guide for 6 days.
  • Meals, starting with lunch on Day 1 and ending with lunch on Day 6
  • Transfers back and forth to Landmannalaugar mountain hut in super-jeep
  • Nights in shelter

Not included in this travel

  • International flights
  • Showers in mountain huts
  • Sleeping-bag rental
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Your Winter Retreat

6 days / 5 nights

  • Varied hikes through the Torfajökull mountain range.
  • A comfortable mountain hut in a season with little tourism
  • A unique environment: fire and ice...
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