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Trek from Landmannalaugar to Langisjor

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trek iceland
Your Trek

9 days / 8 nights

Go on a trek Iceland !

Between Landmannalaugar and the magnificent Langisjór lake, you will enter the Icelandic wilderness where man has barely left any trace. This isolated region incorporates all the geological and natural characteristics of Iceland: volcanoes, colorful mountains, lakes, black sand deserts, gigantic glaciers, moss covered mountains, canyons and gorges, powerful glacial rivers, hot springs and lava fields. There is no place in the country where you will feel more “into the wild!” You will probably not meet much “traffic” along your way and will feel alone in the world to enjoy those splendid and incredibly diversified landscapes.

With about 4h to 9h of walking per day for 8 days* (*with a light backpack), trek Iceland is aimed for experienced hikers. However, the presence of an 4WD assistance vehicle transporting your food and equipment releases you from the burden of having to carry your own equipment, apart from a small day pack. Mountain slopes can be quite steep in Iceland, but the overall ascent is not overwhelming. Regarding the weather, well, its Iceland! You will sleep in huts and enjoy hot meals, made with fresh local products (fish, lamb, fruits and vegetables and dairy products.) They are prepared by the guide with the help of the group. You will even have the luxury of a barbecue sometimes.

Between 12 and 22km per day

Total distance: approx. 130 km

Average distance per day: 17km

Altitude: 450-1100m

Maximum ascent per day: 800m

The route
Step 1 -2 / 8
Step 1 / 8

Step 1


Step 2 -3 / 8
Step 2 / 8

Step 2


Step 3 -4 / 8
Step 3 / 8

Step 3


Step 4 -5 / 8
Step 4 / 8

Step 4


Step 5 -6 / 8
Step 5 / 8

Step 5


Step 6 -7 / 8
Step 6 / 8

Step 6


Step 7 / 8
Step 7 / 8

Step 7


Step 8 / 8
Step 8 / 8

Step 8


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Your Trek Iceland from Landmannalaugar to Langisjor day by day itinerary*

*This itinerary can also be reversed

Day 1

Reykjavík - Landmannalaugar

Meeting early at the bus station in Reykjavík (BSÍ). Transfer to Landmannalaugar by bus. Arrival at Landmannalaugar by lunchtime. Afternoon spent hiking in Landmannalaugar’s colorful volcanic mountains. Relax in a hot river in the evening. Staying overnight at Landmannalaugar.

Transfer: 190km – 4h

Walking distance: 10-12 km

Walking time: 3-4 hrs

Elevation at departure and arrival: 600 m

Minimum elevation: 600 m

Maximum elevation: 950 m

Day 2

Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker

Travel along the maze of the Jökulgil gorge and the colored peaks of Torfajökull’s caldera volcano-glacier, you will reach Hrafntinnusker plateau. All day long you will discover extraordinary landscapes along alternate trails that very few hikers use, despite their proximity to the main trail of Laugavegur.

Staying overnight in a mountain hut.

Walking distance: 17-18 km

Walking time: 7-8 hrs

Elevation at departure: 600 m

Elevation at arrival: 600m S

Minimum elevation: 600 m

Maximum elevation: 1100 m

Day 3

Hrafntinnusker - Strútur

You will cross the Hrafntinnusker plateau toward Háskerdingur peak. You will go around it before heading down to the desert plains of Maelifellsandur. In a few hundred meters, you will leave behind the colorful landscapes and their geothermal manifestations to discover the black volcanic sand and the whiteness of Mýrdalsjökull. Staying overnight in a hut at the foot of the Strútur mountain.

Walking distance: 21-22 km

Walking time: 8 hrs

Elevation at departure: 1000 m

Elevation at arrival: 600 m

Minimum elevation: 600 m

Maximum elevation: 1100 m

Day 4


Not many people stay long enough to explore the area around Strútur. Going up to Torfajökull glacier or walking along Hólmsárlón lake are pretty magnificent hikes though! We spend the whole day exploring the region.

Staying overnight in the hut at the foot of Strútur mountain.

Walking distance: 15-20 km

Walking time: 6-8 hrs

Elevation at departure: 600 m

Elevation at arrival: 600 m

Day 5

Strútur - Alftavötn

Discover the isolated valley, covered with erratic rocks and fluorescent moss extends between Torfajökull caldera and Svartahnúksfjöll mountains. On the way, at Strútslaug, a delightful hot natural spring will allow you to relax. Further on the way, you will discover the Eldgjá, the longest explosive rift in the world that was formed in the 10th century. There, a beautiful river of clear waterfalls into the fissure. End the day in an idyllic area, on the shores of Alftavötn, “the swan Lake.” Staying overnight in a mountain hut. Walking distance: 20-21 km

Walking time: 7-8 hrs

Elevation at departure: 600 m

Elevation at arrival: 460 m

Minimum elevation: 460 m

Maximum elevation: 700 m

Day 6

Álftavötn - Skælingar

You will explore an exotic part of Eldgjá, where the rift is at its widest (up to 600m) and deepest (approx. 200m). On the way, you will discover the waterfall, Ófaerufoss that terraces down into the fissure, and also the Gjátindur summit from where you can see the whole Fjallabak natural reserve as well as the Mýrdalsjökull and Vatnajökull glaciers. We go down to the banks of Skaftá river, in the middle of wide pastures and surprising lava formations, inhabited by imaginary elves and real sheep that graze here in total freedom.

Staying overnight in a mountain hut.

Walking distance: 17-18 km

Walking time: 7-8 hrs

Elevation at departure: 460 m

Elevation at arrival: 460 m

Minimum elevation: 460 m

Maximum elevation: 900 m

Day 7

Skælingar - Sveinstindur

The closer we get to Vatnajökull glacier and Fögrufjöll, “the beautiful mountains,” the deeper we get into the wild. Along Skaftá river, the landscapes become magical and seem haunted by legendary spirits. Under Uxatindar, “The Ox peaks,” and through Tröllagjá, “Troll gorge,” you will reach a beautiful small lake. Further along the path, you’ll walk along the animated Skaftá river and astonishing contrasts of colors between red and black volcanic rocks and green moss.

Staying overnight in a hut at the foot of the Sveinstindur mountain.

Walking distance: 15-16 km

Walking time: 6-7 hrs

Elevation at departure: 460 m

Elevation at arrival: 600 m

Minimum elevation: 460 m

Maximum elevation: 750 m

Day 8

Langisjór - Reykjavík

The trek is coming to an end. After so many beautiful landscapes, you would think the best is already behind you. But you haven’t yet seen the spectacular landscapes of the Fögrufjöll mountains. These mountains dominate the inland delta formed by the Skaftá river with the splendid view of Langisjór lake and the Vatnajökull’s huge icecap in the distance!

Transfer: 240km – 5h

Walking distance: 13 km max.

Walking time: 5hrs max.

Elevation at departure: 600m

Elevation at arrival: 670m

Minimum elevation: 600m

Maximum elevation: 1100m

Transfer to Reykjavík in the afternoon with arrival in the evening.


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Your accomodation during your Trek from Landmannalaugar to Langisjor

Accommodation is provided in well-kept mountain huts. They are heated, some even have electricity and hot water, but they remain nevertheless mountain huts with no luxury and little privacy. You will stay in shared rooms with bunks that you may be forced to share. But in this wild environment, especially if there is difficult weather, these mountain huts will seem like four star hotels! Your guides prepare your breakfast and dinners in the mountain huts. With your help of course! Lunch will be taken in the form of cold picnics on site during this trek Iceland.

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Quote on request for private groups only


It is possible to schedule a private departure date. Final price is based on the number of participants, accommodation (mountain huts or camping) and the season. Ask for a quote.

Extensions (optional) during trek Iceland : 

Extension in Skaftafell and Jokulsárlón: After or before your trek Iceland, you can spend 3 nights or more in Skaftafell National Park (in camping most of the time since places in hut is very limited). From the camping, you will have direct access to the walking trails, glacier excursion, ascend the highest point of Iceland (2110m), or visit the glacial lagoon of Jökulsárlón. We will provide maps and hiking instructions, food, reserve your nights in huts or provide the camping equipment, insure your transfer by bus and book your mountain activities with English-speaking guide and equipment included.

Self-drive extension: From Skógar, start your discovery of the island without losing time passing by Reykjavík. We deliver your rental vehicle in Skógar.

Reykjavík extension: You can take advantage of this trip to stay in Reykjavík a few days. We can book your accommodation, excursions and activities from Reykjavík. Visit some of Iceland’s most famous places: Thingvellir, Gullfoss, Geysir, Blue Lagoon, even Jökulsárlón! There are also a lot of activities available: whale-watching, horse-back riding, snorkeling, snowmobile, quad, lava cave exploration, ice climbing…

Included in this travel

  • English and French speaking guide for 8 days
  • Full board from lunch day 1 to lunch day 8
  • Transfers from and to your accommodation in Reykjavík
  • 7 nights in huts or camping
  • A support 4WD vehicle for the transport of your luggage and food during the trek

Not included in this travel

  • Flights
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips and extras
  • Shower in huts when available (500 ISK – 3 Euros - for 5min of hot water)
  • Sleeping bag rental (optional)
  • Accommodation in Reykjavík (optional)
  • Transfers to and from the airport (optional)
  • Excursions and activities from Reykjavík or elsewhere in the country (optional)
  • Extensions in Iceland (or Greenland) and any specific request (optional)
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Friendly advice for your trek from Landmannalaugar to Langisjor

  • Don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of your equipment. Bring protection against potential cold and rain, a quality jacket and shoes… We provide a detailed equipment list before departure for your trek Iceland.
  • Train properly before leaving and bring shoes that you are already used to.
  • In September it can be a little colder and windier but, there are a lot less people.
  • If you suffer from severe vertigo, a medical condition likely to affect your trek, or allergies, please let us know ahead of your departure.
  • It is recommended to use walking sticks, the terrain can be difficult: moraine, sand, lava fields, fords…and so on.

Staff information

  • Our guide will take you to the most beautiful sites on the trek in Iceland, often off the main walking trail.
  • The guide can be English and/or French speaking.
  • There will be an English speaking Icelander driving the support 4WD vehicle.
  • The guide will adapt the itinerary to the level of the group and the weather.
  • You will need to participate in daily tasks: loading and unloading of the kitchen equipment and food from the support car, food preparation under the supervision of the guide, washing up dishes…etc
The options
ice cave iceland

Sleep in an ice cave

A unique experience!

Do you long to experience the deep cold? Well put on your crampons and helmet, grab your ice pick and traverse a glacier to explore an ice cave that will also be your accommodation for the night.

The exact location is confidential, but we can tell you that it is located 25 km from the Skaftafell region.

Once you have arrived at the Vatnajökull glacier, it’s time to meet your equipment! Helmets, crampons and ice picks will make sure you are properly prepared! Enter the ice cave and be amazed by the many focal points as you discover the various shades of blue created by the varied density of the ice.

After a local Icelandic diner, set out your sleeping bag and enjoy your night under the glacier. What an adventure!


This activity is available from mid-December to mid-March.

Note: This activity is not recommended for families and seniors.

This unique experience is an Iceland Like A Local finding


1475 € / 2 days / 1 night
sleep in a yurt

Sleeping in a yurt in Iceland

An unexpected experience!

Thinking of sleeping in a yurt in Iceland? Well, it may seem unbelievable, but yes it is possible!

Make your trip to Iceland unforgettable spending a night in a yurt!

Embark on a zodiac tour to be able to reach a small isolated island in the middle of a glacier river (south Iceland).

You will find several yurts there. It’s time to reconnect with the nature and enjoy every second of this experience : it all starts off by turning your phone off, taking the fishing nets out of the water and season the fresh salmon for tonight’s bbq.

After stargazing and perhaps get the chance to see northern lights, slip under your sheepskin cover in your yurt for a lovely night..

This unique experience is an Iceland Like A Local finding


655 € / 2 days / 1 night
surf in iceland

Surfing the Artic waves

Surfing in Iceland ?

Of course it is possible, come surf the cold Arctic waves !

Discover one of the most surprising activities to do in Iceland!

This 8 hours excursion starts with a visit of the wonders of the Reykjanes peninsula before jumping onto your surfboard ! To surf the best waves in the best conditions, keep an ear out to the precious local advices, they always love to share their tips for this unique experience!

This unique experience is an Iceland Like A Local finding


380 € / 8 heures
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Your Trek

9 days / 8 nights

  • We take care of transfers and mountain hut booking
  • A well marked trail across a large variety of landscapes
  • We provide a very detailed handbook
  • Food drop-off at Thorsmörk
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