Visit Reykjavik

Visit our Bustling Capital City and its Gorgeous Natural Surroundings

Visit Reykjavik
And its Surroundings

Set sail for a beautiful trip during which you will visit Reykjavik, the world’s northernmost capital and most populated of Icelandic regions. You are north of the 64th parallel, at the gates of the polar circle. Far from the urban trials of other European metropolises, a tranquil atmosphere presides over the colourful rooftops of the “smoky bay”.

The Perfect City Break

Located on a peninsula in the southwest of the coutnry, Reykjavik is the starting point for all kinds of hikes and excursions in Iceland! For a longer stay or just a weekend, dive right into the heart of Icelandic history and visit Reykjavik: discover all the cultural and artistic riches that our capital city has to offer. Once night falls, get into the local spirit with a “runtur” (Icelandic pub crawl)! Reykjavik will then reveal her other side that is both dynamic and hip! An extremely endearing city, spend at least two or three days here!

A Bustling City

When you visit Reykjavik, you will notice that it is a city unlike any other you can discover. It is a microcosm of high-quality food, culture and, nestled as it is on Iceland’s South-Western shores, it is also the perfect hub for adventuring into the wilderness. With its small population, Reykjavik can feel like a European town, however its growing popularity with tourists from around the globe means that you can find 5-star dining and hotels alongside homely, family run business. For those wanting a quiet stroll, you cannot miss the beautiful Hljómskálagarður Gardens. And for those wanting a more exciting experience, enjoy Reykjavik’s bustling night life, catering to all tastes, from those looking for high-class dining, to authentic pubs frequented by locals and globetrotters alike. Reykjavik conjures images of unspoilt natural beauty, and its setting inspires a true sense of independence. A visit here will definitely be on your terms, and include everything you could ask for.

Check out our travel inspirations to Reykjavik and its surroundings:

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Trekking on your own in Iceland

From 1200€

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Reykjavík - Landmannalaugar - Hrafntinnusker - Hvanngil - Emstrur - Thorsmörk - Fimmvörthurhals - Reykjavik
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