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Iceland Super Jeep Tour

jeep on top of Landjokull Glacier in Iceland
Your Super Jeep Tour

12 hours

A super jeep tour in Iceland: the perfect mix between adventure and nature

Hold on tight! You’re riding in a Super Jeep, a monstrous vehicle with enormous wheels that Icelanders have adapted in order to be able to cross their country under extreme conditions. You’ll go through unbelievable terrain to get to breathtaking views.

Once this excursion is over, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for your driver … and Iceland!

Regions visited during this day trip to Iceland : Reykjavik | Golden Circle

The route
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Step 1


The capital of Iceland and the place from which the trip originates.

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Step 2


The most famous of Iceland’s volcanoes, with its perpetually snow covered peak

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Your Iceland Super Jeep Tour in details

Day 1

Reykjavik - Hekla

Meeting point: at your hotel 
Departure time: 08:00 
Length of the tour: 12 hours 

We head towards Hekla, the most famous of Iceland’s volcanoes, with its perpetually snow covered peak. In the Middle Ages Hekla was thought to be one of the entrances to hell and lived up to this reputation by erupting over 20 times after the settlers arrival to the island.
Along the foot of the volcano, we continue through extensive lava fields, explosion craters and hot water springs. On our way to the Torfajökull glacier, the most geothermally active area of Iceland, you’ll see spectacular panoramas of the mountainside and from the top you’ll have a view over eight surrounding glaciers … if weather permits. We’ll then descend into Landmannalaugar, crossing several rivers on our way. Stop for a soak in a pleasant hot water river before our last stop at the Ljotipollur crater and its multicoloured cliffs. By the end of the day, you will have loved this unforgettable excursion, a unique geological discovery and a real four wheel drive experience!

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Your accomodation during your Iceland Super Jeep Tour

This is a day-trip from Reykjavik that doesn’t include any accomodation

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Price range per person for this activity: Contact Us

This activity may be added to your tailor-made travel to Iceland.

Ask your travel expert to include it in your quote, he’ll be happy to give you any advice regarding this Iceland Super Jeep Tour.

Included in this travel

  • The services of an expert driver/guide
  • Access fee to all the sites visited

Not included in this travel

  • Picnic lunch, can be added for extra 25 Euros/pers
  • Drinks
  • Towel and bathing suit
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Friendly advice for your Iceland Super Jeep Tour:

  • Departures: from June 15 to October 15, on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Departures on other week days and whole year around are available upon request.
  • Period : This excursion can be undertaken from June 15th to October 15th on fixed departure dates and with a minimum of 2 participants and is dependent on the accessibility of the interior roads.
    On other weekdays, departures are upon request only, with the price depending on the number of participants.
    In winter, departures are upon request only, price depending on the number of participants. Conditions can be much rougher in winter and final itinerary depends on these conditions.
    From mid-April to mid-June: This area is closed most of the time to any kind of traffic during the spring thaw period.
  • Our opinion: Honnestly? To put it bluntly, there are those who have been on a super jeep tour, and then there are the others! A unique experience through some of the most amazing sceneries in the world.

Your Super Jeep in details:

A Super jeep is originally a 4WD vehicle or mini-van,that has been modified in local workshops following very strict regulations. Usually a Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan Patrol, Land Rover Defender, Ford Econoline or a Ford Excursion.

Sitting on wheels from 95 to 120 cm off the ground, they are equipped to handle any challenges the intense and unpredictable Icelandic road (and off road) conditions throw their way.

All sorts of modifications must be made in order to install these titanic tires under the vehicle. The original bodywork must be reshaped, more changes need to be made to ensure traction in the deep snow and steep slopes. The gearbox needs improvement to adapt to the greater diameter of the monstrous tires. Most have additional tanks to go on long forays into the central highlands where fuel is scarce. All are equipped with GPS, VHS radio and telephones to optimize safety in the untamed and stunning wilderness.

The options

Icelandic cooking class

Create an Icelandic gourmet meal!

Participate in preparing and enjoying a mouth-watering Icelandic style 3-course gourmet meal using fresh local ingredients, all under the supervision of skilled and entertaining local chefs. Afterwards you will have plenty of time to enjoy, in a relaxing atmosphere, a well-earned glass of wine.

You will sample local delicacies such as homemade Icelandic rye bread, dung smoked Arctic char, dried Atlantic wolfish, smoked free-range lamb and selected local beers. The class does not require any prior culinary experience and is enjoyable for gourmet cooks and novices alike.

This Icelandic cooking class is an Iceland Like A Local finding


228 € / 3 HOURS AND A HALF
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Your Super Jeep Tour

12 hours

  • A great way to discover the region surrounding Mount Hekla and the Fjallabak Natural Reserve, one of the most spectacular areas in Iceland or, in the world for that matter!
  • A guide who is also an experienced driver with extensive knowledge of the region and driving in extreme conditions.
  • A complete tour lasting nearly 12 hours (in summer) along some of the most incredible tracks, and including a soak in a natural hot spring!
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Les avis de nos voyageurs

Hi Trent,
I had a brilliant time! Quite a few late nights but purely self inflicted, lots of places to visit and things to do! In retrospect probably shouldn’t have tried to do quite so much, but still a truly lovely country great experience and really nice to have the road book and not have to try and work it out as I went along!
Not a lot of feedback to give beyond that!
Thank you again for doing all the organising!

October 2013
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